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Development Services

Web Application Development Company in Bangalore

Vistas is a leading web application development services company in Bangalore skilled in
multiple platforms and custom web application development of various
complexities from our base in Bangalore.

Our skilled web app development services offer end to end web programming solutions based on cutting-edge technology, both front-end and back-end. In addition to contemporary style and design we work on maintaining interfaces simple and user friendly. Ease of use is our aim even in complex web application functionalities.

We build web applications for every business domain and some of the more popular web apps we develop are:

  • Enterprise web apps
  • Web portals
  • Customer-facing apps
  • Supply chain management web apps
  • Online services applications
  • eCommerce applications

Why Vistas for Web Application Development?

Vistas’ experience in engineering high quality web applications goes back over two decades. We at Vistas, deliver secure,
scalable, and intuitive web apps customized to your business requirements.

Dedicated to building cutting edge and robust web applications for global clients, our engineering team
skills and experience extends to a wide range of technologies, continuously updated to
meet the challenges posed by todays fiercely competitive market place.

Driven by intelligent insights of our planners, engineering skills from programmers, artistic sense by creatives and the emotional IQ of our branding team, our work embodies creativity as well as cutting edge technology that appeals to the senses offering a delightful user experience.

Web applications developed by Vistas are designed to augment operational efficiencies, improve revenues and delight users.

The Various Types of Web Applications are:

01 Single Page Applications

Single page applications are designed for an optimized routing and a friendly page navigation experience for the user. Scrolling through a single page helps keep the visual structure of the entire web application consistent through the use of presentation logic

02 Static Web Apps

Static web apps are developed with HTML, CSS, and jQuery. Static web apps display limited content and not known for its flexibility. Can be controlled only by the webmaster as changes can only be made by downloading the HTML code, incorporate changes and host it back again.

Types of Web Applications

03 Dynamic Web Apps

Dynamic web apps are generally developed with PHP or ASP with a built in content management system for administrators to modify or make changes. Every user interaction in the CMS updates the content

04 eCommerce Applications

eCommerce apps are portals built to conduct transactions. Built for all devices including mobiles, known as m-Commerce, eCommerce apps are managed through a dashboard for updates, additions and deletions together with payment gateway for transactions.

Web Application Development Process at Vistas

When you entrust a project to team Vistas, you sign up with a skilled and dedicated team backing you up. Trained to be completely customer-centric, our engineers will make every effort to understand and address your challenges and work with you to deliver a competitive edge for your advantage. The step-by-step processes are:

Discovery stage

Discovery stage

Validating & idea formulating

Validating & idea formulating

Design & prototyping

Design & prototyping

Testing & QA

Testing & QA



Maintenance & support

Maintenance & support

Platforms that Serve to Develop web Application

Platforms that best serve web application development are:

• Angular JS • ASP.NET • Ember.js • Ruby on Rails
• Symfony • Laravel • Express • Phalcon
• CakePHP • Node.js • JSP •
• React.js • Zend • Knack • CodeIgniter

We deploy the following technologies to create web applications.

Client-side Scripting Technologies:

• Javascript • Ajax
• jQuery • Dojo Toolkit
• Mootools


• MongoDB • MySQL
• Redis • Oracle
• Postgre • SQL Server

Server-side Scripting Technologies:

• PHP • ColdFusion
• Zend Framework • Ruby on Rails
• ASP • Perl
• ASP.NET • Python

Data Formats:


Web Development Frameworks

• Ruby on Rails • Node.js
• Angular • Ionic
• Yii • PhoneGap/Cordova
• Meteor JS • Bootstrap
• Express.js • Foundation
• Zend • WordPress
• Django • Drupal
• Laravel • .NET
• Backbone.js


• JQuery • Underscore



Frequently Asked Solutions

Every year we witness new trends and developments in the world of web development. However, the year 2022 brings in major new developments, here is a list of new trends and developments.

  • Modular design and lower development costs
  • Responsive design to adapt to all devices
  • Ai chatbots and customer support
  • Accelerated mobile pages and load speed
  • Voice search optimization
  • API-first design and streamlined workloads
  • Motion UI to engage lower attention spans
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Enhanced cybersecurity

Web development deals with the functionalities of the website.

Web development describes the back-end programming of a website and helps build websites that are database driven. Web development requirements will depend on the business activity of each organization. Vistas team will be glad to work out a detailed plan on the features and functions to suit your organization.

Team Vistas is highly experienced and works in a range of technologies. Vistas team is experienced in and works with:

  • iPhone SDK Development
  • Android SDK Development
  • ASP.NET Development
  • AJAX Development
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL Development
  • PHP Development
  • Drupal Development
  • Jquery Development
  • HTML 5 Development
  • Joomla Development
  • Wordpress Development
  • Photoshop Design Service
  • Illustrator Design Service
  • Dreamweaver Development
  • Magento
  • Oscommerce
  • Microsoft Silverlight
  • Ruby on Rails
  • CakePHP Framework
  • Zend Framework
  • CodeIgniter
  • Cocos 2D Development
  • OpenGLES Development
  • Unity 3D Development
  • Eclipse IDE Development
  • Facebook Development

Simple functions such as feedback forms to more complex e Commerce helps you interact with visitors. You will be able to update, delete or make changes easily even by non-technical personnel.

Content Management System (CMS) modules facilitate control from an easy to use admin area and area tailored for your exact requirements.

A Content Management system has modules that make it easy to manage specific content on a Web site such as FAQ sections, news sections, event calendars, etc.

Not at all! While a good portion of our clients are large organizations, we also work with scores of small and medium sized companies. After all, all big companies today started out as small at some point and with our experience with companies of all sizes we will be able to support you as you grow. Vistas pride is its long term relationships with clients. You can depend on us to be around with support and advice as you grow to the next stage.

The following steps outlines the work process in web development.

Discovery – team Vistas will learn the client organization’s positioning, strategies, competition, target audience profile, geo target and the short and long term goals of the company.

Content – finalize client provided content or assign copywriter to write content.

Navigation structure – plan navigation of the various pages and sections of the website.

Concept presentation – we present a website concept of the home page, banners and a few inner pages.

Design Revision – After reviewing the initial design, you have the opportunity to request changes.

Implementation – Once we’ve received your approval on the design, we move on to implementation. This is where the approved design becomes concrete and where we add site-specific features.

Page Content – When we have all the content that will be included on the site and an approved design, we will enter all the data.

Testing – We run through a final set of tests to be sure that everything is functional. You have an opportunity at this time to test the site as well.

Launch – Once we have your final approval, we launch the website. This marks the end of the project.

Vistas will gladly perform updates cost effectively when updates are infrequent. For large projects we build an online content management system to update individual products/pages/services or particular sections of your website such as company news.

Certainly. Vistas will continue to support and provide website updations and maintenance service under a annual maintenance contract.

The cross-functional team of experienced professionals, combined with our customer driven approach to services, has
made Vistas a trusted marketing communications partner to scores of organizations far and wide. Explore the various
services we offer and find out more about the value we can add to you and your organization.

Contact us with details of your requirement. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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