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Harness the power of Mobile Apps by providing a delightful user experience.
Offer value in products and services and place all of these in the palm of every hand.

The Indispensable Mobile Device

Every hand cradles a mobile device, throughout the world.

The growth of mobile usage is exponential within the past decade. Mobile Apps offers unlimited opportunities for businesses to reach individual customers and present an enriching customer experience with delightful products, services and turn into an indispensable part in the life of the individual.

How to Leverage the Reach of Mobile Devices

We Plan, Design & Develop Mobile Apps - employing platform functionalities to build high quality custom apps.

Among the leading mobile app development companies in Bangalore, we understand devices, leverage its functionalities, screen sizes and technical features to the full extent..

Vistas built iPhone & Android apps are sophisticated and easy to use. With our rich experience in branding, the world of web and online marketing we help companies benefit from the opportunities apps offer.

Our dedicated iOS & Android mobile app developers in Bangalore create attractive, functional and intuitive user interfaces to leverage the features and reach of mobile devices. Vistas built Android development Bangalore comes with solutions to unique challenges; with myriad operating systems, devices, various display sizes and unique features.

The Hub of iOS & Android App Development in Bangalore

Good Ideas Propel Us to Action

Once an idea appeals to us we swing into action. We plan, design, review, build and deliver as the quality mobile app development company in Bangalore. Starting with the logo, brand identity, rich content, design and develop, the skills of the entire team flows step by step and then builds into a crescendo prior to launch.

Why Your Company Needs A Mobile App?
The benefits of investing in a mobile app by Vistas team of mobile app development Bangalore
  • Access anywhere, anytime
  • Customer engagement in real-time
  • Fast, simple, & easy to Use
  • Mobile payments are easier
  • Mobile customer loyalty programs builds loyal customers
  • Inform users of new products and offers in real time
  • Offer customer service & support – 24×7
  • Social is mobile.
  • Stand out from the competition
In addition to the all - important business skills, Vistas mobile app developers are specialized in
Android apps
Android Apps

Android has a greater user base with 86.8% global market share. Android Apps offer excellent user experience.

IOS Apps
IOS Apps

IOS user base are high net worth. Target discerning consumers with high quality user experience iOS offers. iOS Apps deliver higher ROI.

Xamarin Apps
Xamarin Apps

Xamarin is a robust cross-platform app development platform that helps build a single app for all device systems. Xamarin offers accelerated development time at lower costs.

React Native Apps
React Native Apps

React Native is, designed for building genuinely native apps for platforms like iOS and Android. React Native is faster to develop and run on more platforms and devices.

Ionic Apps
Ionic Apps

Ionic Apps are cross-platform apps for native iOS, Android, and the web. Ionic App enables development of highly creative look, feel and UI interactions of an app.

APP Development FAQ’s
Have a Question?

We list below answers to questions that arise frequently while developing mobile applications.

Should you require information that is not listed here; do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to address your query.

We are witnessing major advances in the field of mobile app development, 2021 has in store never dreamed of trends, here are the major trends for the new decade.

The Emergence of Beacon Technology

Beacon technology will enable:

  • Mobile payments beacons
  • AI-enabled chips
  • Automated machine learning
  • Beacon treasure hunting


Application Performance Management and Enterprise Mobile Management are two elements that are part of the enterprise mobile app development process.

The components of APM & EMM are:

  • App security
  • Managing finances
  • Maintaining the application

The High Impact of 5G Wireless Services

The much awaited and anticipated 5G technology is a development advancement of much significance in 2021 and beyond.

5G network will bring in 100 times faster than the 4G network. There’s more, not limited to just the speed boost, 5G also offers heightened efficiencies in:

  • Data security
  • Speed
  • 3D gaming
  • Augmented reality and more

Mobile Application Development Frameworks are:

  • Flutter
  • React Native
  • Ionic

Programming languages for developing mobile applications are:

  • Swift
  • C++
  • Java

App development tools and mobile application development frameworks.

  • PhoneGap
  • Appcelerator
  • RhoMobile

Vistas’ Mobile App development team includes: UI & UX designers, graphic designers, writers, business analysts and HTML5, Java, C++, Objective-C, Swift and C# coders in addition to specialists in art, database development and digital marketing team.

Mobile apps are projected to have the most impact on business success by 2021. As user application touchpoints increase in frequency, change in modalities and expand in device type, the future of app development is multi-experience, according to a recent survey* by Gartner, Inc.

UX stands for user experience and can be broadly defined as the overall experience a person has of using a mobile App or any digital product or service.

Several aspects make up mobile UX design: competitors research and analysis, information architecture, interaction design and various aspects of the visual design. Apps with good user experience server user’s precise needs clearly and in a simple manner, making the experience easy to use and pleasing.

User experience is central in the App development process. Vistas design and development team will make every effort to deliver Apps with superior user experience. Without limiting ourselves to end user expectations, the team follows new developments in the industry, follow trends and constantly track global market leaders to be abreast of everyday innovations and bring it to our clients.

Vistas specializes in complete Mobile App Development. Team Vistas will custom design, write content, code, launch & successfully market Mobile Apps. Vistas AD Media team will take complete responsibility in developing the Mobile Apps from planning, design & development. Vistas team understands Mobile Applications, they will leverage its functionalities and technical features to the full extent.

Essential mobile app development process are as follows:

Step 1: Develop proof of concept.

Establish clearly defined goals with timelines

Step 2: Visualize and commence design

Step 3: Commence development

  • Alpha phase
  • Beta phase
  • Release phase

Step 4: Commence testing

  • Functional testing
  • Usability testing
  • Performance testing
  • Device specific testing

Step 5: Launch

Commence App store optimization

Step 6: Post launch

  • Monitor
  • Analyze
  • Fix bugs
  • Update

During the discovery stage, team Vistas will ensure understanding of all requirements and specifications, including business plan, strategies and target audience and location.

Team Vistas will the set out to blueprint for the Mobile App, UI and UX, web services APIs, etc.

We work with client teams in every aspect, especially the branding elements of graphics, colors and brand identity. Together, we will achieve results that will complement established brand guidelines.

Certainly. We will take up the responsibility of submitting in App stores.

Launching a Mobile App is not the end of the assignment - this is the beginning of responsibilities, commitment to customers and accelerated efforts to keep ahead of the competition.

We at Vistas have the resources to take complete Mobile Apps updates and maintenance responsibility. We serve many clients under AMC contracts.

Yes, it is possible to build a single App that works in both Android and iOS. Development frameworks React and React native make it possible to support both platforms.

  • Commence marketing the App post launch.
  • Establish social media marketing with channels and campaigns.
  • Establish promotion through relevant channels.
  • Apps require robust maintenance plans.
  • Regular up-dation is a constant with Mobile Apps.

Vistas Ad Media Communications Pvt. Ltd., is based in Bangalore, India. We execute assignments of various complexities for clients across the globe. Our team at Bangalore office serves clients from UK, Europe, USA, and Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East & Far Eastern countries.

APP Developement Process

We employ modern development methodologies for efficient implementation of each assignment in mobile application development in Bangalore. We plan the development in multiple phases, systematically progressing towards completion in each phase.

  • Requirement gathering
  • Timeline planning
  • Commercials finalization
  • Requirement gathering
  • Timeline planning
  • Commercials finalization
  • Low-fidelity prototyping
  • High-Fidelity prototyping
  • Applying design ideas
  • Technology selection
  • API
  • Integrations agile development in action
  • User test creation
  • Manual testing
  • Automation testing
  • Application handover
  • Marketplace launches
  • App store submissions
  • Troubleshooting
  • 24/7 support
  • Managed services

Tips for Successful Mobile App Launch

Successful mobile apps evolve and adapt quickly and learn to drive downloads, establish good user engagement and retention rates according to experts from app development companies in Bangalore.

Promote Your Content through Marketing

Plan and implement social media marketing campaigns, publish interesting content with blog articles, influencers and advertising campaigns. Importantly, set-up an engaging website to pull interested viewers as well as anchor all the campaigning efforts.

Prepare a Press Kit for Ready Reference
  • Compile a set of branding information and the app’s identity in an online directory.(E.g.: logo, icon’s, screenshots and promotional videos)
  • Promotional advertisements, campaigns and Graphics & Creatives
  • A well written description of the app
  • Links to your website, social media accounts, etc.
  • Contact information
List App in Product Curation Portals

Appear in reviews, product curation and new product portals. Some of the sites you may want to check for this purpose are:

  • Product Hunt
  • Beta List
  • Hacker News – Y Combinator
  • CrunchBase
Perfectly Optimize App’s Product Page Description

Write or better still engage a professional writer to craft the app’s description to convince potential users to download the app. Make sure the first few lines are engaging enough for users to click on read more. Follow ASO best practices to enable the app rank higher in the app store listing.

Measure Customer Experience

Maintain a pulse on customer reaction, user satisfaction and areas that need tweaking and improvement. Focus your attention on user engagement and retention rates.

Update, Polish & Improve

Apps are iterative, improving the app experience, introducing new features, personalized content and improvements keeps users interested and engaged.

Track User Behaviour

Track user behaviour through analytics and listen constructively to user feedback. Make note of the features that are driving usage and consider adding value to users at every stage of the App experience.

Popular Apps are Used Repeatedly

Taking into consideration every method that can to boost user engagement and retention. Offer an incentive for using the app, it can be special content, coupons, special promotions and discount codes. Incentivising usage will help choose your app over competing apps.

Re-engaging Users

Re-engage users who have dropped out through push notifications.

Present value to the user and they re-engage successfully.

Maintain High Ratings

High ratings reflect user experience excellence. The first factor people consider while downloading an app is ratings and reviews. Encourage reviews at every opportunity with users, manage reviews diligently, swiftly seek to resolve issues and keep communication channels open for user feedback.

Leveraging the reach of mobile devices we plan, design & develop mobile apps, employing platform functionalities to build high quality custom apps. We understand devices, leverage its functionalities, screen sizes and technical features to the full extent. Vistas built iPhone & Android apps are sophisticated and easy to use. With our rich experience in branding, the world of web and online marketing we help companies benefit from the opportunities apps offer.
App Design & Development Services by Visual Communications and Technology Professionals

Once an idea appeals to us we swing into action. We plan, design, review and build. Starting with the logo, brand identity, rich content, design and develop, the skills of the entire team flows step by step and then builds into a crescendo prior to launch.

Which Mobile Platform?

So which Mobile Platform should you develop for?

After all, you've got to pick a single one, right? Wrong.
More relevant these days than ever before is the ability for users to access your apps across platforms i.e. on whatever mobile device or operating system they so choose.
Ask any industry insider about the best mobile operating platform, and there will be a wide range of answers. Officially, iOS (Apple devices) is the most popular and Android (by Google) is the fastest growing.
Full Cycle Ios App Development Service

Vistas' team of iOS developers develop advanced mobile solutions for business, travel and entertainment iPhone app such as fun apps, Games apps, Business apps, Social Apps, Geo-location apps, Shopping apps, Travel apps on iOS Platforms.

Vistas' iOS specialists guide you through the app development process right from the initial stage of discovery of project requirements till release and submission to the App Store, Spelling out the functions, performance, security strength, offline capability and interoperability.

Full cycle
Android App Development

Vistas' team of highly qualified Android application development team leverage the limitless possibilities of Android and its wide-ranging set of development tools. Android app development company in Bangalore has on board specialist Android SDK coders employ Google Android SDK's APIs, debugging tools, handset emulator and sample code to run Android-powered applications.

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