Social Media Marketing
Transform Your Interaction With People – Build Relationships With Customers

Social Media Marketing Agency in Bangalore

Transform Your Interaction with people – Build Relationships with Customers

Strategically Social Media

Social media is all pervasive, your presence can be felt everywhere with the right plan. Team Vistas will create compelling content, plan your media presence, frequency and set in motion the style, direction and tone of communications encompassing all social media channels.

Vistas analysts formulate metrics measuring results and set benchmarks to compare competition and arrive at informed, data-driven decisions.

A highly popular marketing method from our bouquet of services Vistas offers is Social Media Marketing Services in Bangalore. Team Vistas identifies suitable social media platforms for its clients and leverages the power of large online communities to present and share the experience of services and products.

Essentially, the SMM Agency team at Vistas work on creating content suitable for each SMM platform to attract attention, create online dialogue and share/spread the message across social networks.

Information spread through social media carries more value as trusted source than professional ad campaigns or even news stories.

As a social media marketing company in Bangalore, we recommend this popular component in every integrated marketing & communications plan. The Vistas approach to SMM relies heavily on maintaining a presence creatively in relevant SMM channels and constantly keep-up, contribute to the evolving conditions.

A successful Social Media Marketing presence involves several related elements including:
Insight In The Medium Of SMM

Sharing experiences and information on a topic of common interest is the fundamental function of social media. While there are several established social media platforms we also see new ones gaining popularity.

We at Vistas fully realize the potential of social media and recommend social media as an enormous advertising platform. Social media platforms have narrowed down ad placements to specific viewer such as serving a health food ad during a dietary discussion or place a car promotion in a YouTube session of car video.

Scores of organizations have successfully gained exposure from social media by systematically placing their products prominently to remain fresh in the consumers mind.

Vistas recommends that brands and service organizations link with social media to stay connected with end-users to stay on top of the mind.

Thought for the Day
The Vistas approach to social media marketing aims at multiple objectives – build a community, establish high impact presence and constantly keep-up, contribute to evolving developments. We at Vistas fully realize the potential of social media and recommend social media as an enormous advertising platform. Social media platforms have narrowed down ad placements to specific viewers such as serving a health food ad during a dietary discussion or place a car promotion in a YouTube session of car video.
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

We develop ideas, interesting ideas that are appealing in the Digital Marketing Services Space. Creative ideas for digital marketing content to interact and interest. Interactive marketing has shifted communication from mere campaigns to strong content. People respond to communications that appeal to them, new ideas that are clever, useful and entertaining.

SEO Services

SEO Services

Connect with customers looking for your products & service in the moment of interest. We draw a clear map of target customers, and present our clients products & services at the exact moment when they need it. We research client businesses and study the competition, their strengths and weakness and their strategies. At Vistas, we are totally Google friendly, completely ethical and our SEO results will be in place for the long term.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content To Attract, Inform & Engage. Vistas delivers high quality content creation services to attract, inform and engage audiences across business verticals. Sustained engagement with customers is imperative and tapping into the scores of media channels available today is effortless with professional content creation from Vistas.

Content Writing

Content Writing

Talented team of specialist content writers provide quality content conforming to global standards. Quality content generated by Vistas team of content writers helps present good products & services to the consumer.

Significant Social Media Platforms

The SMM service made available by Vistas benefits brands providing direct channel for customer insight, a finger on the pulse of what customers think of the competition and a means to manage reputation.

The most popular smm platforms include:
  • Youtube


  • Facebook


  • Twitter


  • Linkedin


  • Instagram



Change is the constant in social media with changing habits, platforms evolve, and new platforms come into existence. Detailed data draws a clear picture of consumers use and react to social media messages. Expect to experience more well planned social media campaigning in 2020.

With a 9% growth over 2019, 3.484 billion people use social media across the globe. The world experienced a runaway growth explosion than ever before. This means brands can now identify and reach large audiences.

Lilach Bullock – a leading expert has this to say:

"I think that this year, we'll be seeing more of a change in the way social media users act online; I think that digital detox will become more prevalent this year, with many people trying to limit the amount of time they spend on social media.

"I also think that there will continue to be a big push towards making social media more private and secure for its users - this has been a big problem recently and many people are just realizing how truly dangerous a lack of online privacy can be. And these things, of course, will have a big impact on marketing too - brands and marketers need to be on top of these trends and act accordingly."

Lilach Bullock – Content marketing and social media specialist.

Your target audience are definitely active on one or more social networks where billions of people spend time daily. Brands commit resources to social media marketing to boost awareness, drive traffic, interact with customers, drive sales, build loyalty, and win advocates.

Social media users connect, share and publish information online. It allows news, videos or any important information to propagate to wider audiences within seconds. Some of the popular social media channels are: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest, blogs and forums.

Reaching out to a large audience within seconds with your promotional message is Social Media marketing. Social media establishes a dialogue with brands directly.

Social Media has two primary functions:

  • One is generating back links
  • Engaging with your customers

Social Media spreads create awareness of your product or service. Social media community commenting on the product is a major function, reviews, product or service experiences and recommendations helps popularize business.

Comments and discussions lead to awareness of the brand. Recommendations or a good word from a friend is a major influencer. Social media popularity is picked up search engines and helps drive traffic.

Careful monitoring and measurement will clearly indicate the medium that is productive. All digital services are measurable, and effectiveness of advertising mediums vary based on target audience and demographics. A systematic measurement exercise will accurately indicate the best medium that works for your business.

The term Social media marketing includes search engine optimization, Google adwords, blog marketing etc. also known as inbound marketing, SMM attracts people to the brand rather than the brand making an effort to connect with customers through outbound marketing.

Team Vistas will gain understanding of the business positioning, strategy and competitors activities at the outset. We will define the target audience and commence building a network in stage one. We focus on building a relevant community than large numbers. We will establish an integrated marketing approach to attract followers and deliver relevant content in the form of news, advice, product updates or offers.

We setup, create content, prepare a strategic schedule and plan and post and tweet for you.

Certainly, Vistas social media team will professionally design and setup the channels.

Early in the discovery stage we will ensure we have a good understanding of the organization and its strategies and positioning. We'll also keep track of the industry news to ensure that posts and tweets are relevant and timely.

Vistas uses the medium of social media as an additional resource to complement existing marketing methods, social media is used with the following goals: News associated with company and products

Customer Service

Broadcasting updates, announcements, news, e.g. additional PR resource