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Vistas Ad Media Communications Pvt.Ltd.

SEO Company in Bangalore

Natural Search SEO

Prominent position in search earned through merit inspires trust and confidence among consumers

Starts from

INRS : 15000/-


Analytics & Insights

  • Collecting data is easy
  • Gaining insights requires specialist skills
  • We look at the past, understand the present and define what we want
    in the future by interpreting mission critical data

Competitor Analysis

Thorough analysis of the competition establishes a roadmap for successfully climbing over
and gaining top position.

We check on your competition for their 'technical strength,
, the source of traffic and rate of success and above all their
unique strategies.

Expected Time of Arrival to the Top

3 Months

Domain Authority


Visible Upward Mobility
6 Months

Domain Authority


Intense Rise Over Competition
12 Months

Domain Authority


Authoritative Position of Pages

Local Marketing

Put your business on the map, target ready to buy local customers
easily; presenting your offering, address and phone numbers

Paid Search

Search advertising brings targeted traffic and you control
the budget, define target regions, determine the
audience, generate qualified leads and measure ROI

Starts from

INRS : 15000/-


Content Marketing

Get people to pay attention with
great content and succeed
in communicating our message and call for action

Video Marketing

Boost your position on search engine rankings with
video proving action speaks better than words

Creative Advertising

Reach out to your audience through thought-provoking
creative ideas
addressing their expectations planned

The Web empowered consumers, with new methods for finding, researching, and buying

Why does my website need SEO?

SEO provides immense opportunities for people to connect with you by driving traffic to your business. Search engines index all websites provided it is built as per search engine guidelines; however, with millions of competing pages a new website will start from the last in the list of search engine data.

Why can search engines not figure out my website without SEO?

Search engines are smart, but they still need help. Search engines capture data of all websites; however, a website undergoes a multitude of steps, tweaks and intensive study of analytical data as part of SEO process to make websites search engine friendly and helps climb over other web pages and reach the top few results.

How will SEO from Vistas Help?

Preparing a website to compete with other pages and steadily move up over competing pages require a complex set of skills and know-how of a SEO team. An experienced SEO team will understand your business model and employ customized strategies to win over competitors.