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Vistas the leading SEO Company in Bangalore practices professional SEO Services as inbound marketing and focuses on consumers finding you by connecting with people who are ready to buy and actively searching for a product or service.

Online research is now routine for consumers. SEO is significantly less expensive than any other marketing channels.

SEO Services Company in Bangalore



That's a lot of people using search in the buying process!

Leveraging the 5 Stages

of the Customer Buying Cycle through SEO

  • Stage 1
    Awareness: Customer identifies a need. Finds you through search results
  • Stage 2
    Consideration: Customer evaluates you as well as alternatives that meets this need through objective characteristics and perceived qualities
  • Stage 3
    Preference: A customer's logical and emotional inclination favours one provider over others when the web presence is appealing, friendly, professional and positive
  • Stage 4
    Purchase: Customers acts by contacting, calling or buying when the experience is positive
  • Stage 5
    Repurchase: The customer forms an opinion that will influence his future decisions and buying behaviour. The emotional and logical process that leads to a repeat purchase

The Web empowered consumers, with new methods for finding, researching, and buying

Why does my website need SEO?

SEO provides immense opportunities for people to connect with you by driving traffic to your business. Search engines index all websites provided it is built as per search engine guidelines; however, with millions of competing pages a new website will start from the last in the list of search engine data.

Why can search engines not figure out my website without SEO?

Search engines are smart, but they still need help. Search engines capture data of all websites; however, a website undergoes a multitude of steps, tweaks and intensive study of analytical data as part of SEO process to make websites search engine friendly and helps climb over other web pages and reach the top few results.

How will SEO from Vistas Help?

Preparing a website to compete with other pages and steadily move up over competing pages require a complex set of skills and know-how of a SEO team. An experienced SEO team will understand your business model and employ customized strategies to win over competitors.