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Why does your business need Digital Marketing Services

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

It is a known fact that technology has become more compact and mobile nowadays, and apparently internet has played a significant role in creating a need for such electronic devices. More users are now online over the cyberspace via devices that support internet connectivity such as smartphones, tablets, game consoles etc. It is a huge market that enterprises cannot afford to miss. And this has given rise to Digital Marketing.

In simpler word, it refers to the process of promoting a brand or a product via one or more forms of electronic media. It is closely associated with Internet marketing but there are other forms such as text messages, instant messages, podcasts, electronic billboards, radio channels, digital television etc. within its purview.

Although Internet marketing is more dominant as a concept/term, Digital Marketing has its own aspects of importance:

  • Reach – It can reach out to a larger audience, including the ones who do not have access to internet.
  • Measurable – This approach is statistically measurable and we can a get a fair idea of the effectiveness of a promotional campaign.
  • Personalized – Communications via this channel can be specific, relevant and based on preferences of the customers.
  • Timely – Promotions can be timely executed, and the delivery is instantaneous.

Overall, it gives a better perspective of customer behavior across platforms, and it can be really helpful in strategizing promotions for your business.

The Importance of Creating a Successful Corporate Identity

Monday, April 28th, 2014

Successful brands elicit positive emotions and also convey powerful promises. All great ones pay constant attention to their brands and treat them as their strategic assets.

To stand out in the ocean of sameness, then one must present an experience that is consistent to everyone with whom you interact: customers, suppliers, vendor partners’ stakeholders and internally. This is the essence of developing a corporate identity. Nothing more, or nothing less:  but engineering all points of contact, leaving a concise, consistent and indelible impression in the minds of your intended audiences.

For the same reason, an efficient communication between corporate and the targeted audiences is carried out by the following corporate identity standards –

  • Message Tone and Voice
  • Identifying through your Brand – Logo architecture and usage
  • Defining Visual Standards such as Colors, Fonts, Photography, and other Graphics
  • Standard Elements as Corporate Descriptions, Email Signatures, Mail Greetings, Press Releases etc.
  • Stationery – Business Cards, Letterheads, Envelopes, Fax Headers
  • Marketing and Advertising Materials – Direct Mail, Display Advertising, Magazines and Brochures
  • Websites
  • And much more

A classic example is that of Cadbury Cafes that have been designed to communicate the brand’s distinctiveness, which is part of their brand family.

The Café Cadbury corporate identity is made up of three related design elements:

  • Cadbury’s Masterbrand
  • Café Cadbury’s logo, color palette, typographic layout and image choice.
  • Café’ Cadbury’s icons which help illustrate the total offer.

These elements are used carefully in the exterior and the interior of the café environment to provide a strong and consistent image.

When done properly, a corporate can yields more brand recognition, competition edge and greater success.

How to Define a Native Ad Ecosystem

Friday, April 18th, 2014

Native ads are all in groove, but few people can agree on how to exactly explain the term. Why? Since these ads, by design, come at odds end, in the very attempt to defining them. Talk to your advertising services provider and you will find that native ads usually sneak up with user experience without distracting the surfer, unlike disconcerting and futile banner ads. You can say that native ads will be seen in various shapes and sizes including: promoted tweets, sponsored content etc. However, this doesn’t indicate that they cannot be categorized. The following types of native ads have gained traction lately and are imploding over the growing role of mobile and social – putting an end to the ad network advertising services that deal only in traditional banner. Branded Content: Everyone is familiar with sponsored content which is also referred to native advertising; it has become the advertising buzzword of the year. In simple words, this publisher created content is sponsored by and created for businesses who wish to advertise. In-Stream: Most social networks including Facebook and Twitter have standardized in-stream ads since it is relatively easy to transfer them across desktop and mobile. A business can pay to promote their posts, updates and tweets. This content is guarantees to appear in certain targeted user streams, and be virtually identical to converging tweets or posts around them. Action-triggered: Here the ads are set off by user action while on a site or an app. Native Mobile Ads: These leverage the mobile only features, for instance the click-to-call or mobile app ads.

Grab Attention with an Eye-catching Brochure Design

Friday, April 11th, 2014

In a crowded rack of brochures, what are the elements that will make it stand out visually enough for someone to pick it up?

To help ensure it attracts the required attention and communicate the most important information of your business or brand, you need it to be an all-rounded colorful, well-designed, and informative package. Brochure design services of a reputed firm can help you achieve all this.

Let’s see what the key elements of a good brochure design:

Appropriate Format:  Depending upon the message and the type of product your business has to offer you will be recommended an appropriate format to choose from. For example, a tri-fold or a z-fold brochure is a popular choice, except for luxury based products, where the products need lots of white spaces and big pictures. A narrow format, on the other hand is easier to hand out. You can get more creative with parallel fold or roll fold formats.

White Space: The graphic designer from your brochure design services firm will tell you the importance for keeping a well-balanced white space and how does it affect aesthetics and readability.

Choice of Colors and Attention to Typographic details: This again conveys a lot more than just aesthetics (and corporate identity), and so it is important to chose the right application of colors along with choice of perfect space in between the words.

Whatever design you choose, be sure to place the name of your business or event prominently on it.

All You Need to Know to Sell With Social Media

Monday, February 10th, 2014

Sell With Social Media


Most of the companies out there use social media for a wide plethora of reasons. Some may use it to create brand awareness and some for creating goodwill for the company. Either way you are trying to increase the revenue of your business. Social media updates have an innate ability to bring in more revenue than others can if you do it the right way. There are various ways that you can sell more with your social media efforts. A round up of 5 great tips is given here.

Importance of having a clear message

There are a numerous ways why your fans or followers visit your social media pages. Some may need information about your business and some others for the latest product line that you have recently added. Another group might be particularly interested in the promotional deals that you offer and yet another group may look for expert advices and how-to tips from your page.

You need to make sure that you cater all the needs of your visitors and give them what they are after. If they do not get what they need they simply do not return, which is that last thing that you want to happen.

Lure the customers with a sense of urgency

In social media, you have only very little time to impress and attract visitors and convert them to buyers. Creating a sense of urgency with using words like “rush now”, “be the first one to grab”, “just for this week”, “weekend offer” can easily lure the attention of the visitors and easily win them over to make a purchase.

The power of Exclusive offers

It is a quite sensible idea to offer deals meant for a set of fans on different social media networks. It can be for Facebook fans or twitter followers. This can increase the number of followers and brand loyalty among followers.

Encourage your followers to share

It is never a bad idea to ask your followers to share, retweet or repin your posts. Requesting the users or followers to share your posts multiplies the chances of you getting more followers and thus increased sales potential. If you are posting a contest, you can let the users know that sharing the same can improve the chances of winning for the ones who share it.

Be prepared and up-to-date

It is important that you are well versed in whatever you attempt to do, from your profiles to your posts. People must feel that you know just about everything that happens around them and will give them something new every time they visit your site.

There are plenty of opportunities to make better sales with the help of social media. And doing the things just the right way is the key to your success.

Why do people leave your site and How Google Analytics can be your Savior?

Saturday, February 8th, 2014
Google-Analytics Services

Google-Analytics Services



For a website and its health, understanding the exit percentage is as important as understanding its incoming traffic. Both these factors are good indicators of the good and the not-so-good things about your website. If you ask me how to get a real picture of this scenario, then I would suggest Google Analytics. This tool or service or whatever you wish to call it can help you analyze the traffic that your website attracts. One of the statistics that you can take real advantage of on Google Analytics is “Exit Percentage” This can help you understand where your readers drop from your website.


Understanding Exit Rate:  Exit rate or exit percentage is the rate that tells you how many users leave your site from a particular page. Every person who visits your website will eventually leave your site for sure. Exit percentage will let you know about the pages that a user leaves from. Google analytics calculates this rate by dividing the total number exits from a particular page by the total number of visits to that particular page.

Insight to visitor behavior: Calculating the exit percentage assumes prime importance as it will help you understand what the visitor does when they land at your site. Analyzing the data gathered here will help you understand the navigation nature of your visitors. If you have a higher exit rate for “Thank you” page after making a purchase, that is the right situation that you would love. I bet anyone would love that. If your visitors leave from any other pages, that could be because the details that you have provided there are insufficient. Apparently, this is something you need to attend to immediately.

Exit rate and bounce rate: While it is important to analyze the exit rate of a particular page, you must not get confused with the bounce rate of a particular page. Bounce happens when a visitor looks at only a single page of your site and then leaves your site. The exit rate does not consider how many pages a user has visited but only takes the total exists from a page against the total visits.

I have seen webmasters who pay close attention to the exit percentage every time. It is important that you keep a record of the same and incorporate the findings on your ecommerce strategies. You should look at all the statistics provided by Google Analytics into consideration. Otherwise, you may reach at assumptions that are unrealistic about your website.

Ways to increase the ROI from Social Media

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

Social-Media-ROI vistas
















Social media is a powerful online marketing strategy, if used properly that will have a direct impact on your ROI. Social media has become a part of the social life of any human being. A report on socialskinny states that social commerce sales are expected to $14.25 billion this year and $30 billion next year. Amazing isn’t it? This will naturally make you ask a question to yourself, how you can increase the ROI from social media.


Well, I have given some important factors that you need to attend to in order to attain better ROI from social media.


  • Engage your brand: The main reason people come on social media sites is to talk share and be engaged. If you create a social profile and sit idly with it, you will never gain anything from your social media investment. It is important that you take part in activities and make your presence felt on the social media platform. Interact with people and participate in social interaction.
  • Be genuine and authentic: Never try to fake anything on social media. It can bring in more harm than good to your reputation. Never include content that does not reflect your brand’s culture and behavior. If you think you need any help on this, you can ask you followers or get support from your community forum.
  • Importance of content: Posts, tweets and other materials that you publish on social media will mould the brand’s online reputation. It is something that you can never take back. You need to study the individuality of each platform and approach them with strategies that fit specifically to them..
  • Real time applications: Be social in everything that you need. Press release, updates, reviews and ratings need to be shared on your social platform. This makes it simpler for your fan base to share and like the same. By doing this you are ensuring that every important detail you publish reaches people much faster and effectively than you ever imagined, I guarantee you.
  • Experimentation: Try to bring in new things to your social life. You might not be successful in everything that you try to do but your followers will definitely pick something that they think is worth sharing. This can definitely make a huge difference.


A report published in brandwatch states that social network has 20% of total time spent on the internet on PC and 30% on mobile phone. This overwhelming data will sure convince you that there is still more to gain from social media.

Understanding the next generation penguin update and how Linking to your website is different now

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Google Penguin




Google’s Matt Cutts has hinted about the arrival of the next generation Penguin update that will happen anytime in 2013. It is believed that the upcoming massive update will have tremendous influence on the web.  Webmasters around the world are keen to understand the latest penguin update and its effect.

It is important that you look at various aspects of your current SEO strategy or more precisely your link building strategies in order to withstand the effect the upcoming Penguin update.


Evaluate your current strategy: Penguin algorithm is Google’s war against spammers. If you are unable to determine whether your strategy can withstand the update, then make sure that you do not have any of the following.

  • Unnatural Backlinks.
  • Backlinks from poor quality websites.
  • Backlinks from unwanted or degrading article directories, web directories and social bookmarking sites.
  • Backlinks generated from Spun or duplicate content.
  • Too many exact match anchor text links.

If you have any of these on your SEO strategy, do not panic, let us see how you can be saved from being hit by the penguin update.

Freshen up your website: If you think that you have too many unnatural backlinks to your site, start removing them. You can use the Google Disavow too to get rid of all the unnatural backlinks.

SEO Strategy Appraisal: Monitor and evaluate you link profile regularly. Removing a spammy backlink once may not guarantee that you would not get them again. Incorporate a methodology into your SEO strategy that will help you understand risky backlinks and remove the same in time.

Never compromise on quality: It is high time that you understood Google stopped relying on the quantity of backlinks to determine the authority of a website. Google now considers the quality of the backlinks built. So it is important that you get backlinks from good sites with a diverse link profile containing links to homepage links and subpage links.

The key to get better ranking on Google SERPs is just to stick to the basic on any activity, being original and unique. Give the visitors what they need and wait to see how Google will reward you for this.

How to live the life of a Social Media Manager

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

Social Media manager



Life of a social media manager is never easy. If you are one, you will know exactly what I meant. You are responsible for all that happens online concerned with your organization. Socialmediatorytoday reports that social media accounts for 1/6th of time spent by people online. Here I have given a few tips that will help you manage your professional time better and effectively.

Manage your browsing style: Since you are the one who is managing various social media accounts of your brand, you need to login to many accounts in a single day. Apart from this, you need to manage your personal and work emails. It is understandably frustrating. Creating as many Google Chrome profiles as you need will help you considerably. Chrome provides an option to toggle between multiple accounts, which will help you save a lot of your valuable time. Use the powerful customization tools available with Chrome to make the most of it.

Missing Files: It is a common problem, which I too face many a times. When you search for an important file that you just need, you cannot find it. It can take a lot of our time and make us frustrated too. You can download and install FoundApp on your system. This will help you locate the file that you need by searching you folders-Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox and even your Gmail attachments.

The to-do list: To-do list is something that will help you prioritize the important things that you need to do in a day. There are plenty to-do list apps that you can get, however using a notebook and a pencil is something special. If you agree with me, then make a to-do list on a notebook. The process of actual writing on a paper makes you remember stuff easily.

Painful Act of saving screenshots: Taking screenshots of everything thong you do on your social media site is a good old habit. Whether someone asks for a report of it or not, you do it anyway. It is hard to organize these and it is sure time-consuming. Use Skitch to do the task perfectly. This will help you store the screenshots in Evernote and they can be easily categorized, tagged, shared and edited.

According to socialmediabusiness, there are 800 million users for Facebook and 100 million for Twitter. And, there is only one social media manager to set everything right online. So it is really important to make your life better.

Grab the attention of people by positioning your marketing message naturally

Monday, January 27th, 2014

marketing message

Every social activity gets old and there is a time when the user starts being skeptical about the very purpose of what they are doing. Various social networking platforms are trying to provide innovative ways to record users’ lives and encourage brands to connect to their users in ways like never before.  It becomes increasingly important to know how effectively you are communicating with your customers on social media. Do your messages reach them as intended?

Here, I have discussed three ways that will help you strategically position your marketing message so that it reaches the customers just the way you would love.

Never compromise on user experience: It is very common to see that local and international brands bombard customers with loads of information through social media never actually paying attention to user experience.  This has forced some social media to control how brands reach out to users to create unique user experience every time they interact with a particular brand. This will allow brands to establish long-term relationship with their customers.

Contributions from the customer:  When users share various experiences, brands can use these pieces of information to serve up stories that would not stand objectionable to the user. Content generated through the interactions of users with the brand can serve as an excellent piece of marketing information, provided you have the right metrics and tools. Always try to get the details from the activity log of a customer, as this can provide you valuable insight on the natural behavior of a user. These details when coupled with right marketing message will do wonders for your brand.

The need to think off the screen: An intelligent brand makes efforts to engage with a user both online and offline. Users’ behavior on any social media is a miniature of their behavior- lifestyles, culture and trends- in the real world. A successful brand needs to identify the background of the people that it is trying to converse with. A brand’s ability to understand customers’ background can convey their marketing messages easily to them.

Understanding these aspects will help you convey your marketing messages right to your customers and I can assure you that you will surely see them paying you off in no time.