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Grab Attention with an Eye-catching Brochure Design

Friday, April 11th, 2014

In a crowded rack of brochures, what are the elements that will make it stand out visually enough for someone to pick it up?

To help ensure it attracts the required attention and communicate the most important information of your business or brand, you need it to be an all-rounded colorful, well-designed, and informative package. Brochure design services of a reputed firm can help you achieve all this.

Let’s see what the key elements of a good brochure design:

Appropriate Format:  Depending upon the message and the type of product your business has to offer you will be recommended an appropriate format to choose from. For example, a tri-fold or a z-fold brochure is a popular choice, except for luxury based products, where the products need lots of white spaces and big pictures. A narrow format, on the other hand is easier to hand out. You can get more creative with parallel fold or roll fold formats.

White Space: The graphic designer from your brochure design services firm will tell you the importance for keeping a well-balanced white space and how does it affect aesthetics and readability.

Choice of Colors and Attention to Typographic details: This again conveys a lot more than just aesthetics (and corporate identity), and so it is important to chose the right application of colors along with choice of perfect space in between the words.

Whatever design you choose, be sure to place the name of your business or event prominently on it.

Grab the Attention of the Reader with an Amazing Brochure Design

Friday, January 17th, 2014
Brochure Design Bangalore

Brochure Design Bangalore


With never ending competition that gets stronger each day, creating a brochure for your client and make it speak aloud to the public, I would say is an overwhelming task. Competition isn’t just for your client but in fact for you as well. A report on sbdcnet states that the US graphic design industry comprises 16,000 firms with combined revenue of $8 billion annually. I bet that gives you the bigger picture. So how do you make yourself stand different from others and make room for yourself?

I have mentioned some important aspects to pay attention to, while designing a brochure. Have a look!

The Purpose: Get to know about the objectives of your client and why they actually need the brochure for. It is really important to get this right for as this will help understand your client’s ultimate intention and get them just what they need.

The Readers: Keeping the purpose in your mind, create the brochure for the most important person; the reader. The brochure should be able convey the message to the reader at much personal level. So design the brochure for the reader, never for yourself.

Be Different: Be different in your thoughts and designs. It is important that you must never attempt to do something different for the sake of it. Creating a great design would take a lot of research and innovation. This will also require you to invest a lot your time for it as well.

First Impression: I have often noticed that, it is the first impression that makes all the difference. The design should be able to convey everything that the client needs to speak to the reader.

Playing with Images: The ability of an image to speak louder than words always dazzles me. You need to play well with images to make them converse with the reader in no time.

The fonts: When you create a brochure, you will never need to use many fonts. Keep the number of fonts to maximum of three. So is the size of the fonts. Keep that too to a minimum. This will show your control over your design.

A study released by smartpress states that the graphic design industry has poised to develop 13-14% in the next ten years. So it becomes important for you to take your already existing competency to the next level to stand ahead of competition.